Close your eyes; imagine getting on a floatplane and being whisked away to a beautiful island in the Florida Keys. The tropical music of Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band will put you on a boat with a margarita in each hand, with all of your friends!!

The right song will transport you to a place that’s only special in your own heart. Some times it’s not even the words that take you there. It’s the message the song has or just the song itself – takes you back to a heart felt place. Howard Livingston is a great song writer and he and his band are “livin’ the life style.”

If you’re a Beach Bum at heart you’re going to flip over these songs. They’re the perfect combination of Great Song Writing and writing about the island life style. How can a song be any better than when you write about what’s in your heart, and your heart writes the song?

This CD Contains:

Meet Me In The Keys, Where Bananas Grow, Where In The Heck Is Kokomo, The Wind Is Gonna Blow, Taking This Moment, Red Headed Woman, I Like The Islands, Looe Key Tiki Bar, Bonnie Teller.