Livingston’s self-released third album, Blame It On The Margaritas, provides the latest example of this carefree caress. Like his two earlier efforts, Livin’ On Key West Time (2005) and Meet Me In The Keys (2006), much of it is autobiographical in nature, with Livingston cast as an Everyman who’s opted to turn his fantasies into reality. Songs such as “Blame It On The Margaritas”, “Local On The Eights”, “Boondocks” and “Coconut Rum” espouse the joys of living life simply, but to the fullest. Yet, it tugs at deeper emotions as well, from sensitive ballads like “When I Think Of You” and “Love Is So Easy” to the spiritual affirmation of “Better Life” and “Sailin’ To I Don’t Know.” It also includes Livingston’s first outside cover, a spirited read of the Mavericks’ “ Dance The Night Away,” featuring backing from two members of that Grammy-winning band – drummer Paul Deakin and bassist Robert Reynolds. Reynolds also co-produced the album, which was recorded in Nashville with a host of stellar support players, Wilco drummer Ken Coomer, legendary steel guitar player Al Perkins, and singer/songwriter Kevin Montgomery among them.

The title song from this CD, Blame It On The Margaritas, has been awarded “Trop Rock Song of the Year 2007” by Island Time Radio in Cleveland, OH. It was also awarded “Trop Rock Song of the Year” by Margarita Mafia.

This CD Contains:

Blame It On The Margaritas, Local On The Eights, Know Your Limitations, Dance The Night Away, When I Think Of You, Sailin’ To I Don’t Know, Coconut Rum, Boondocks, Love Is So Easy, and Better Life.